Year of foundation:

Aval Global

Aval Global opened its office in Korea on June 18, 2018, as a joint venture between Korea and Japan. It is established to sell the Aval Data’s products overseas, and provide professional and efficient technical support and service. It is the headquarter of the overseas sales of Aval Data, it covers all of the sales and technical support outside of Japan.

Headquarter, Machida Office

A combination the sales department and the head office; combination of Research, development and technical design of equipment.
To provide the technical backbone to our customer, by combining sales sector and technical sector, this facility operates from planning, designing of winning product, to supporting the product development planning of the Aval Data’s brand. Also, we understand the needs of the market and the customer’s situation and quickly reflect it on our development products. In addition, IT promotion and operation sector is also located in this office.

Production Headquarter, Atsugi Office

The Atsugi Corporation is a production headquarters based on our order development products. We flexibly manage our employees and production lines to produce a variety of products that we plan to produce. Also, we unified the components procurements process to the Atsugi office. Aval Data acquired the ISO9001 certification in 1995, and in 2001, we obtained the ISO14001 certified by the Environmental Management System. We are pushing for the transition to environmentally-adaptive products, including responses to RoHS standards.



Avaldata has been developed many types of products required in diverse business environment and
in industries necessary for technical innovation and proposing them to the customers.
With our moto “Further super high speed products”, advanced technology and service in 3 areas of our expertise, “Embedded technology”, “Image processing”, “hi-speed communication” are provided which are high speed analog data processing, new point of view for SWIR camera inspection, big data analysis and processing.


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Imaging Solution                                                   Embedded Solution


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GiGA Series                                                             Hi-speed Digitizers



Software & Drivers