Year of foundation:

Beijing Glass

Founded in 1960, Beijing Glass Research Institute (BGRI)

is a state owned institute pioneered in optical materials.

Over 48 years, BGRI has been growing accompanied by contributing

to domestic and international projects in diverse areas of science and industry.

Continued focus on innovation won BGRI more than 140 awards.

Many successful R&D projects are consecutively taken into production.

R&D laboratories and business divisions of

Synthetic Crystals, Optical Fibers, Special Glass, Optical Thin Films were established.

Today we run complete facilities in a new plant,

located in OIP industrial park, Beijing,

enabling us to handle all research, development,

fabrication and characterization in house in a better platform.

We are now in the forefront of advanced optical material industry and specialized in

  ●Optical Crystal/Scintillation Crystal,

  ●Infrared Optical Fiber/Polarization Maintaining Optical Fiber,

  ●Sealing Glass/Lubricant Glass,
●Ultraviolet Optical Thin Film/Narrow-band Filter.

  Commitment to development of the optical material technology,

we are working in close collaboration with our customers

on providing high quality products and satisfactory support to their applications.

Beijing Glass Research Institute specializes in:

Special optical fiber and devices

(PMF, PMC, Infrared fiber, cold light guide)

Communication optical fiber, Optical processing & Optical film

(Optical elements polishing: Lens, prism, windows, IR windows; Optical coating service: AR, HR, PR, BBAR, IR, UV filter)

Synthetic Crystal

(Fluoride Optical Crystal ;Fluoride Scintillation Crystal)

Special Glasses

(Special glass used in steel industry )

Temperature Components



ISO 9001:2000

GB/T 19001-2000