High Performance Computing

The 41st Institute of CETC is the most professional Electronic Measurement Instrument Institute in China. We research and produce electronic measurement instruments and automatic testing systems in microwave, millimeter wave, optical electricity, and communications. We also provide measuring technique… Continue reading

iRF Solutions


Intelligent RF Solutions (iRF) supports global defense and intelligence missions with custom developed and designed solutions for SIGINT and EW missions. We understand the challenges you face, and with our experience, skills, and specialized knowledge we craft… Continue reading


Mr. Helmut Laufkötter founded N.A.T. in 1990 with the aim of developing high-performance network interfaces for industrial computers. The termsNetworking, Automation and Technology are contained in the full legal name “Gesellschaft… Continue reading

High Technology for Real Time Human and Object Recognition and Tracking.

NAV Technologies was founded in 2002 and is currently employing 130 staff members.

Our cost performance ratio is considered one of the best, as we supply high end products that are customization supported for competitive price.

Operating in the fields… Continue reading