Neuvition Technology (Xiamen) Co,. Ltd. , a high tech company was founded in 2017 in Xiamen, China. It consists of experienced experts who specialize in developing advanced vision sensors, related software and cloud services. The 480 Lines MEMS LiDAR can… Continue reading

3KM creates precedent of Ultra long distance laser lighting
Shenzhen 3KM Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. focus on research, design and manufacturing of distance from ultra-long-range (20,000 meters) and long distance (800-2,000 meters), in close proximity (within 500 meters) high infrared… Continue reading

Dongguan FSTMV Optical Technology CO.,LTD. specializes in Optical Lighting, offering integrated service from research, development, manufacture to sales. As a lead maker of LED light and Industry lighting systerm, FSTMV has a leading research and development production capacity and… Continue reading

HelioWorks, Inc.

Company and Product Description


HelioWorks, Inc. was incorporated in 2006 and manufactures a wide range of blackbody infrared emitters primarily for the OEM market. Our products are used in near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, non-dispersive infrared (NIR) gas… Continue reading

First Light was established in 2003 and has rapidly grown to become a high volume manufacturer, capable of supporting the largest OEM or Distributor with the flexibility and personal approach you would normally expect from a smaller organisation.

First Light… Continue reading


Greenlight Optics is an optical systems engineering and manufacturing company specializing in projection displays, LED and laser illumination, imaging systems, plastic optics, and the integration of optics with electrical and mechanical systems.

The Greenlight Optics team brings a combined 250… Continue reading