Year of foundation:

Daheng Optics, based in Beijing, China, is a technical company specialized in optics. Its main business includes design and manufacture of optical components, modules, sub-systems assemblies and systems. Wealthy experiences in engineering and production, and service flexibility have been meeting our customer demands since 1987.


Our company has grown steadily, up to now 150 people employed. Lead by an experienced technical team, most employees are skilled technicians for professionally dealing on fine optics, fine mechanics and special tools. Qualified technical department inspects our products at 100% level for quality control.


Daheng Optics possesses a strong professional design team for research and development with lens designers, mechanical design, control and integration engineers. Utilizing professional tools such as ZEMAX and ProE, the core design and engineering team offers solutions for OEM projects and products.


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       Optical Components                                    Laser Diodes


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    Coating Components                       Assembly Lenses                          Mechanical Components


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        Laser Accessories                                   Motorized Stages                         Ultrafast Lasers          


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     Machine Vision Products               Solid-state Lasers                              THz Products