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R&D, manufacture and sales of the thermal imaging camera and security system Established in 1984, DALI technology now is a public trading hi-tech enterprise that transformed from Zhejiang Testing Technology Institute and Incorporated with Zhejiang Daily Newspaper Group and Zhejiang Investment Co.,Ltd. For over 20 years’ creativity and innovation, DALI become one of the largest-scale and strongest comprehensive strength manufacturer & supplier of Thermal Imaging Camera and Digital Video Recorder. DALI is also the first listed enterprise in the industries of IR cameras and secure in China, company stock successfully went public at Shenzhen stock exchange on Feb 18th, 2008. For more information about DALI products, read the below  –  DALI Profile,   Binoculars & Monoculars,   Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera S230,   Uncooled Thermal Imaging Camera S750,   Uncooled Infrared FPA Detectors,   Uncooled Thermal Imaging Modules,   Uncooled Thermal Imaging Module D880L,   Uncooled Thermal Imaging Module D881,   D780 Series Uncooled Thermal Imaging Module,   Security Surveillance Thermal Imaging Cameras,   Professional Thermal Imaging Cameras. To view a movies of DALI Thermal Imaging Cameras, check the following links –  DALI Introduction,   Onboard Application,   Intelligent Hardware,   Hunting,   Highway,   Community Security,   Firefighting,   City Monitoring,   Body Check,   Vehicle Video,   Onborad CCD with Thermal.