SP4 Relise

Dewesoft team is pleased to announce the release of the new Dewesoft X3 SP4.

The new version of Dewesoft X includes several bugfixes and features, which improve the stability and expand the range of options.

Here are some of the new improvements:


Modal Test Application

– Modal Test Module

– Brand new UI

– Multiple excitations and responses allowed simultaneously

– Easier/faster addition of excitations and responses (new grid)

– Multi-select option on excitation/response grids

– Redesigned default display

– Multiple screens (measure and analyze have different views)

– Different colors in transfer function channels (one color prt group)

– Easier adding of input channel (Autofill button)

– Easier settings for weighing windows on excitation and response (graphical)

– Default decay on the response’s window changed to 1% for triggered mode

– Rectangular and exponential windows on excitation/response for triggered mode

– H2 FRF estimator

– PSD, CPSD calculations

– FRF geometry VC

– Support for animation of “Visual Groups” from Modal Test

– Extended animation to support Complex/Real/Imaginary modes

– Manual animation of the structure

– Orthogonal representation

– Color currently measured points on FRF geometry

– Modal circle VC

– Input type, damping model and number of points for fitting support


All new Vector & Matrix numeric VC

– Numeric tabular display for vector and matrix data

– Upper and lower limit exceed checking (coloring)

– Visual transposing of matrix axes




– New adapters: DSI-V-20

– New connectors: SIRIUS-HD-STGS-L2B10fs

– Support for writing TEDS with USB 1-Wire writer

– Added 4k and 40k filter option on Sirius line of products


Language support

– Added Spanish language pack


Other features and improvements

– Warning message when the sample rate is adjusted from TEDS sensor

– A warning message is shown when TEDS chip is connected

– Support for pausing TEDS scanning

– System monitor shows file size