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First Light offers advanced imaging solutions for extremely low-light environment and real time applications to the world scientific and industrial communities.



First Light Imaging designs and manufactures ultra fast and sensitive scientific cameras for both visible and infrared spectra. Coming from european academic research institutes, already multiple award-winning, First Light Imaging is recognized for the high performance of its products and works with world leading institutes and manufacturers. This technical excellency is key to our goal: providing our customers with uncompromising performance and quality, for there are projects where only the best will do.



First Light Imaging develops its cutting-edge cameras around state of the art sensors. Based on EMCCD,e-APD Technology or InGaAs, we integrate the most challenging, difficult to harness detectors in complex optics systems.

Our detectors and technology are already at the heart of the Adaptive Optics systems for the world’s biggest telescopes, looking at the universe, searching for planets.

From visible to SWIR wavelengths, with the lowest readout noise, high QE over a wide spectrum, wavefront sensing with integrated micro-lens arrays, nanoseconds accurate synchronization, electronic shutter, we can provide all of these technologies, and more.



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