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FISBA AG is a worldwide leading manufacturer of components, systems and Microsystems. Our highly qualified lens designers and engineers are always on the lookout for the perfectly tailored solutions of specific customer needs.



Looking out for your success - Company - FISBA - St.Gallen - Switzerland

FISBA is a world leader in optical systems and components. Swiss quality and precision are key product features. But we are far more than just a manufacturer of optics. We see ourselves as a partner to our customer. And as such we work closely with you to develop optical solutions that deliver both technical and economic success.


From simple lenses to complex optical components, the solutions created by FISBA are always perfectly tailored to your specific demands and wishes. We develop and manufacture lenses, laser modules, micro-optics and advanced optical components for industrial applications. Further areas of expertise comprise metrological applications as well as the development of completely customized solutions.


We are committed to performing sustainable business activities and assume responsibility for our employees, the company, and the environment.


Gebäude - FISBA - St.Gallen - Schweiz
Gebäude - FISBA - St.Gallen - Schweiz Gebäude - FISBA - St.Gallen - Schweiz


Operating in the fields of:

Life Science, Biophotonics, Imaging & Sensors, Industrial Manufacturing,

Security & Defense, Space & Astro


FISBA offers Advanced Optical Components (AOC),

Optical Microsystems (OMS), Optical Systems

With a strong competitive edge in

Precision Molding, Fast Axis Collimation, R&D Competencies, Microassembly


Located at Switzerland with floor Production space of 4’400 m2 and 380 employees

FISBA AG your partner for optical systems and components, from the concept to the finished product.


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