Year of foundation:

Hangzhou Lambda Photonics Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2001。It lies in the beautiful city-Hangzhou and is devoted to the manufacturing and development of laser crystals, laser modules, optical components, infrared crystals, scintillation crystals, electro/acoustic-optics modules, also we are active to provide users with value-added services as design,customization repair,coating etc。

We have gone through 14 years and owned a good team and advanced instruments。We are being widely involved in laser system, infrared imaging,medical imaging,nuclear physics,food safety testing,oil well survey, cargo safety inspection, aerospace, all kinds of ray detectors。

Efficiency comes from diligence, diligently continue to pursue science and technology, to provide first-class products and service。

Scintillation Crystals
Laser Crystals
Non-linear Crystals
Q-Switch Crystals
Piezo-electrical Crystals
Infrared Crystals
Optics&Laser elements
Laser Source
Coating Service