Year of foundation:

Hi-Tech Optoelectronics Co., Ltd (HTOE) is one of the leading providers of laser and laser-based solution in China.


Founded in 1999, HTOE specializes in commercial, industrial and medical fields, providing standard and customized highest quality commodities of first grade service.


We manufacture various mounting types of laser diode device, photo detector, high power laser diode array, diode-pumped solid-state laser, laser diode characteristics testing system and high power surgical diode laser system.


With global recognition in devices and application products of semiconductor laser diode, our products feature superior reliability and performance, and provide significant cost advantages for scientific, commercial and industrial customers competing in the most demanding markets.


The world wide sales and marketing coupling with an excellent team of research and development offer customers an access to excellent standard products.


We pursue active research and development efforts, targeting both product and process. Having procured economic profits quite well in past years, we believe there will be an extremely excellent prospect for HTOE to develop in the future.



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Diode Laser Unmounted Single Emitters and Bars              Diode Laser Packaged Single Emitters


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Diode Laser Packaged Bars and Arrays                                    Diode Laser Arrays for Hair Removal


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Diode Pumped Laser Modules for Diamond Cutting                  Diode Laser Subsystems