Year of foundation:

Hubei New Huaguang Information Materials Co., Ltd.(NHG) is a wholly owned subsidiary of North Electro-optic Co., Ltd.(SICONG GROUP)belonging to China North Industries Group Corporation(NORINCO GROUP). NHG originally named Hubei New Huaguang Information Materials Stock Co., Ltd, was founded in 2000, came into the market in 2003, and its stock code was 600184. The company produces 4800 tons optical glass, 150,000,000 pieces direct optics and secondary optics, 1500 kilograms special optical materials through the year, and all the products are eco-friendly. The company passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification and ISO14001:2004 environment system certification. Our company owns self import and export right, and AAA-level credit. The market share in recent years consistantly ranked the forefront of industry, and the products were being exported to over 20 countries and regions. Our products are widely applied to projector, digital camera, digital video camera, photomemory and other photoelectric information and consumer electronics fields.


Optical glass


Optical glass is essential to optical element for optical instrument. NHG, with complete variety, is one of the primary producing companies at home and has high visibility at abroad. The company adopts all electric melting technology, electrical mixed smelting technology, precision small furnace technology and precision annealing technology to provide more than 140 eco-friendly glass, anthanide glass and low softening point glass, and their optical properties reach the international leading level.


The main varieties are K, ZK, BaK, QF, F, ZF, ZbaK types and anthanide glass, etc.

The main product specifications are block, strip, bar, direct part, secondary part and so on.

Applications: telescope, microscope, riflescope, camera, movie projector, admeasuring apparatus, analyser and other optical parts of optical instrument.



Direct Optics


Direct pressing blanks of optical glass


Direct pressing: Len and prism blanks with diameter of 10-100mm, piece weight of 5-350g.

Direct pressing blanks are made through melting, direct drooling, pressing and precision annealing.


Gobs of optical glass


The cross section of gobs without precision annealing is nearly circular, and the weight or volume is determined by customers’ requirements.


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Secondary Optics


Secondary pressing blanks of optical glass


The company has technical workshops for secondary pressing of optical glass and processing of optical elements, and it’s mainly engaged in producing, selling of secondary pressing blanks( including lens, prisms, irregular parts and so on).

The products are mainly applied to CCTV Len, automotive len, projector, DVD, zoom sightseeing, camera, astronomical telescope, microscope, stage lamp and other optical systems.


Infrared Materials


The company has developed many kinds of infrared glass that permitting transmission of near-infrared light, mid-infrared light, far-infrared light at various bands.


Where, the transmission band, refractive index of near-infrared and mid-infrared glass is 370nm~6.7μm, 1.52~1.99 respectively. Their glass systems include silicate system, germinate system, calcium aluminate system, lead germinate system, lead niobate system, etc. They are mainly applied to airborne infrared pods, vehicle mounted infrared detection(Observe, aim), and infrared fairing, infrared window of other near-infrared, mid-infrared instruments. At present time, the company owns mid-infrared IRG1XX series and far-infrared IRG2XX series, etc.


Far-infrared glass is mainly applied to infrared detectors and devices at 8~14μm, and can be processed to far-infrared optical condenser lens with aspheric surface, components of prism group with spherical surface, glass windows. It can also be used as substrate material of external semiconductor GaAs, GaN or InGaN.