Year of foundation:

Ingenious beam shaping by INGENERIC

With around 20 years of experience we are proud to say that today we are one of the leading manufacturers of micro-optics for the semiconductor-industry world-wide.

In addition, we specialized in the design and manufacture of optical systems, as well as laser systems for scientific research, medical applications and in the field of metrology. A team of experts in optical, mechanical and electronical engineering not only guarantees our drive for innovation, but also highest process stability and security during operation.

So, why are our micro-optics and optical systems regarded as a guarantee for the very highest quality? Because we concentrate all of our experience and expertise on the design and manufacture of optical solutions as well as the optimization and extension of our technology platforms. Whether you require prototypes, small series or serial production, we provide the optimum solution for your application. We modify your light!

Company Profile

The INGENERIC GmbH was established in 2001. The company counts around 110 employees as their trusted key for success.

Headquarters and production site are located in Baesweiler, Germany within the high-technology region Aachen. INGENERIC develops and manufactures micro-optics, optical systems and laser systems.

For its worldwide customer base INGENERIC offers the complete process chain starting from lens and system design over prototyping and practical evaluation up to large series manufacture.

With its unique technology profile INGENERIC has thus advanced to one of the leading suppliers of beam shaping optics for semiconductor lasers.

In the business unit “optical systems and laser systems”, the company develops and mounts optical systems like fiber couplers, homogenizers and collimation modules. INGENERIC further provides ready-to-use laser systems, specializing in extremely high peak powers.

  • Our philosophy
  • Our mission is to provide the best solutions for our customers.
  • We naturally strive for technological leadership and innovation.
  • We believe in a longstanding, successful and confidential collaboration with our customers.
  • We operate a strict quality control policy.
  • We regard our competent and highly motivated employees as the key to a long-term successful company.
  • We believe in a sustainable development by taking care of our economic, environmental and social responsibility.

Customers of the entire laser industry rely on micro-optics, microlens arrays, beam transformation optics and aspheres as well as sophisticated optical systems and laser systems from INGENERIC.

Optical Components

Micro-optics are key elements in the basic function of high-power diode lasers and are vital to their efficiency. With years of experience, we manufacture refractive micro-optics, beam transformation optics, lens arrays and aspheres with outstanding properties – either as standard optic or as a customer-specific solution.

We use high-quality glass materials, meet the most exacting precision-related specifications in serial manufacture and manufacture in line with continuously optimized engineering designs to ensure that our customers can rely on maximum brightness.

Optical Systems and Laser Systems

In addition to our spectrum of optical systems including fiber couplers, homogenizers and collimation modules, we also develop and assemble especially tailored OEM laser systems, such as fiber coupled laser systems for specific medical applications.

Another core competence of INGENERIC is the development and on-site-assembly of highly demanding laser systems like the INGnite250: a high energy pulsed laser system with a superior homogenized top-hat-profile.