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InnaLabs® is a leading manufacturer of high-performance inertial sensors, including tactical grade, Coriolis vibratory gyroscopes, and navigation grade, quartz servo accelerometers. InnaLabs® offer solutions for the aerospace, subsea, marine, space, energy, industrial, civil engineering, and transportation markets.

InnaLabs is headquartered in Dublin Ireland, which is home to our world class R&D and manufacturing facility. We hold 29 US and international patents for our best in class products.

InnaLabs® develops and manufactures tactical grade Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes and navigation grade Quartz Servo Accelerometers for a wide range of demanding applications. InnaLabs® are a European, high technology company built on decades of proven and practical experience in the field of inertial sensors technology.  InnaLabs® high performance accelerometers and gyroscopes meet the stringent requirements of our customers for precision guidance, stabilisation, navigation and orientation applications. InnaLabs® provide high quality robust solutions to the industrial, oil and gas, marine, subsea, aerospace, defence, land, civil engineering, transportation and space applications.

Our goal is to be world class in everything we do.  A commitment to excellence, innovation and customer service are at the heart of this philosophy.  Established in 2011 as InnaLabs® Ltd, our global headquarters and state of the art production facilities are based in Dublin, Ireland.

We hire the best talent and invest significant resources in research and development and best in class manufacturing processes. We work with a range of organisations – mid-to-large size private enterprises, state-owned companies, and large, well established multinationals around the globe.

Our highly skilled Engineering teams, each with decades of inertial sensor technology experience, develop high performance tactical grade Coriolis Vibratory Gyroscopes (CVG) and navigation grade Quartz Servo Accelerometers.  This in house experience combined with significant investment in Research and Development allows InnaLabs® Ltd to provide custom solutions to meet our customer needs. We offer excellent pre and post-sale customer support.  Our highly experienced and trained sales force combined with a worldwide representative network are available to discuss your specific requirements and our ITAR-Free inertial sensors provide a hassle free and expedited purchasing process.


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