Year of foundation:

Intane Optics is leading manufacturer of customized high-quality precision optics in China. Employing a team of optical engineers and highly qualified fine technicians, we specializes in client-specific, high precision optical components, especially medium to large size precision flats, spheres & aspheres. We offer optics made from optical glasses, UV fused silica, UV fused silica, and sapphire. Our lenses, prisms, windows, beam splitters, mirrors, filters and coatings are used widely in laser industry, defence, science, education, and medical instruments.

In order to ensure our customers obtaining the satisfying products, besides having established a strict quality control system based on ISO9001 standard, we are equipped with the most advanced optical testing instruments, such as 24” interferometer, 4D dynamic interferometer, trioptics spherometer, optical profiler and etc. Whether you need a small quantity of a prototype or a large quantity customized order, Intane has the technical strength, production capability, and low production cost to deliver quality optics faster with competitive price.

Since 2003, we have been supplying manufacturers of laser equipment, governments, researchers, universities, military institutes, and resellers, with custom manufactured optical products they can trust. Our products are widely used in leading edge astronomical observation, photonics technology, electro-optics, laser technology, telecommunications, biomedical instruments, fiber optics, optical imaging, and optical computing.

Based on the principles of “Credit, Quality, Innovation, Service” and following the ISO9001 standard, we are dedicated to finding cost effective solutions and providing customers with quality products at competitive prices. We can either deliver a small quantity of a prototype or a large quantity customized order upon the request. Along with China’s booming economy, we believe the continuing developments in medicine, science and technology offer us endless opportunities for continued growth and expansion.