In September 2009, IO Solution was established as a manufacturing company that specializes in and manufactures precision optical products used in optical communication lenses, security cameras and automotive electronics components, IR lenses for radiation, and medical machinery components. We mainly produce aspheric lenses for optical communication. Moreover, we have built an all-in-one production system that can directly design and process precision molds for the figuration of aspheric lenses as well as actually shape the lenses.


Thanks to the enhanced competitiveness of our aspheric glass lenses for optical communication, the global demand for our products is increasing, and our share in the global market is rapidly expanding. As a result, we are supplying lenses to major optical communication module companies. We are doing our utmost efforts to innovate technology and develop high value-added products such as square lenses and microarray lenses. In addition, we are relentlessly developing new items for the precision processing and media business, thereby rising as a comprehensive optical company.