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IRCameras provides the most technologically advanced infrared imaging systems available for scientific, industrial and military applications. In addition to our extensive line-up of standard commercial infrared cameras and IDCAs, we offer custom design and build services to meet unique optical, packaging and space-constrained requirements.

IRCameras is a subsidiary of Santa Barbara Infrared, a long-time leader in the design and manufacture of electro-optical (E-O) test instrumentation. SBIR, in turn, is part of HEICO Corporation, a technology-based aerospace company thats been engaged in niche market segments within the aerospace, aviation and electronics industries for more than 60 years. Together we are uniquely positioned to advance development of thermal imaging technologies, and to commercialize these technologies for a wide range of applications including:

  • nondestructive testing
  • predictive maintenance
  • online process monitoring and control
  • scientific research
  • target signature
  • security and surveillance

We offer a range of purchase, rental and lease options, and a full line of accessories including software, data acquisition systems and optics. Our goal is to make your infrared imaging program a complete success. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your requirements, and to explore how we might be able to assist in creating and supporting the optimal program to meet your particular infrared imaging requirements.


IRCameras is a full service provider of high performance, customizable infrared imaging systems and Integrated Dewar Cooler Assemblies (IDCAs).

Whether the end system will be used for a scientific, industrial or military application, IRCameras is positioned to meet the most demanding thermal imaging needs. We offer a wide selection of standard and custom Short Wave Infrared (SWIR), Mid Wave Infrared (MWIR) and Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) cameras, as well as an extensive line of custom packaged IDCAs.

All of our systems are designed around the latest sensor technology and utilize the most sophisticated digital focal plane infrared technologies to provide superior performance, the highest sensitivity and fastest frame rates. Use of high speed, low noise digital read out integrated circuits (ROIC) enable our sensors to operate faster, under lower power, and with less noise.


IRC offers a full range of cameras across all infrared wavelength regions. In addition to our own IRC800 and IRC900 Series mid wave scientific cameras, we provide the industry’s broadest selection of high-performance near, short and long wave infrared imaging systems.

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Custom Packaging IDCAs

IRC’s Custom Packaging Group is a worldwide supplier of IDCAs, specializing in the design and manufacture of cryogenic and hermetic packaging.

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IRC offers a full range of Software across all infrared wavelength regions. Through IRC’s proprietary WinIRC Software we provide our Software Development Kits (SDK) for infrared imaging systems.

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IRC’s cameras and dewar assemblies sensors use high speed, low noise Digital Read Out Integrated Circuits (ROIC) compatible with a variety of detector materials, including InSb, SLS and nBn.

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