Intelligent RF Solutions produces mission critical RF hardware for the Signals Intelligence, Military, and Electronic Warfare community.  Our RF solutions are used to power intelligence initiatives because we provide highly reliable equipment along with exceptional service and support to keep critical missions up and running.  Our products include high performance microwave receivers, tuners, frequency converters, and RF distribution products. Based in Sparks, Maryland, iRF’s SMART product line is the latest innovation in the company’s 40+ year history.

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iRF-Literail-300x138             iuc-6500-300x153

       SMR-7500 LiteRail Receiver                                   iUC-6500 iJammer Microwave Up Converter


wr6910-300x158                  iWR-6800-300x153

iWR-6910 Miniature Wideband Microwave Tuner                    iWR-6800 3U VPX Microwave Tuner






iWR-6500 WIDERAIL Microwave VME Tuner          iTU-6802 Dual Channel Single Slot 6U VME Microwave Tuner
 TU-6410 Microwave VME Tuner