Jiujiang Hantang Optoelectronic Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological company integrating R&D, design and manufacture of conductive slip rings and slip ring components. At present, it mainly has research in three fields of precision machinery manufacturing, electrical contact materials and electrochemistry. At present, the company has its own fine chemical plating laboratory, slip ring friction pair matching laboratory and slip ring mirror surface cutting laboratory. It is the most complete research-oriented manufacturing enterprise for the core technology of conductive slip ring in China, mainly for high-end slip ring manufacturing. The company provides core technical support and core components, and provides high-end slip ring product development and design for the market. Long-life slip ring, high-speed slip ring and micro-slip ring are the main research directions of the company. We divide the long-life slip ring. It is a long-life high-speed slip ring, a long-life low-speed slip ring, and a long-life storage slip ring. Morality and integrity as the core value of the company, with continuous innovation to lead the development of the industry.

Laboratory introduction

Precision Manufacturing Laboratory : Precision Manufacturing Laboratory is the production center of conductive slip ring structural parts. It mainly studies the system manufacturing process of the ring surface of the slip ring, shaft machining, and precision brush assembly. At present, the surface of the conductive slip ring contact mirror is cut. Technology has reached the international leading level.
Slip ring friction pair ratio laboratory  : The laboratory provides the basis for the selection of the core wire and ring coating material of the core part of the conductive slip ring. At present, our company has 12 kinds of friction pair technology suitable for: high speed slip ring, long life, In special areas such as strong corrosive environment, high temperature environment and big data transmission, the more reasonable use of friction pair will greatly improve the performance of the slip ring.
Fine Electroless Plating Laboratory  : This laboratory mainly provides coating technology for conductive ring parts. At present, the self-developed multi-layer coating technology has reached the domestic leading level. At present, it mainly produces coating technology: thick gold-cobalt alloy coating and super-hard gold ternary coating. Technology, superconducting alloy plating technology.

Long life slip ring

Long-life high-speed slip ring  : Rotating speed of 3000 rpm and above 30,000 rpm, requiring continuous and reliable operation, the entire life cycle is 150 million rpm slip ring, currently used for high-speed test platforms, such as aero-engine testing, high-speed rail parts testing and other
long-life low speed skating ring  : 100 revolutions per minute or less. Continuous and reliable operation requires a life cycle of 150 million rpm slip rings. Currently, it is mainly used in the energy industry, such as wind power generation paddle slip ring
long-life storage slip ring  : long-life storage slip ring for slip ring storage requirements for more than 20 years, at any time The use guarantees that all parts are required to be safe and reliable, and the service life is generally required to be less than 1 million rpm. Currently, it is mainly used for weapon.




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                               Aviation Sector                                                           Radar Antenna


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                                   Ship field                                                                  High-Speed rail field



                          Aerospace field