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Kappa Company Profile


Project Management

Secure Management for the Most Complex Projects

For integrated implementation of complex projects, project management at Kappa directs the work of different teams in our customer projects with a 360° approach. This assures you that, in the end, the agreed-upon result is realized.


Quality Management

Cameras and vision systems for your application: industry-specific processes

Since 1994, we have purposefully expanded our systematic quality management with certifications in many different industries such as medicine and aviation. Our quality structures qualify us for demanding projects. Most important for
you: your standards are our benchmark
– even in quality processes. We integrate ourselves into your processes and then create ours based on your standards.



Cameras “Made in Germany”

Kappa manufactures at its own German location, and is globally competitive with products in price-performance ratio.

Highly qualified manufacturing employees

We are proud of our highly qualified team with very minimal turnover. Our team grows organically. We train our new electricians ourselves to meet our high standards. Using continuous internal and external training on core processes, for example, we continue to develop our know-how to a high level. Employees in manufacturing are trained and certified to IPC-A-610. The principle of teamwork that takes responsibility for its own product has been retained. Kappa’s variety of products with changing processes motivates employees well beyond the norm.


Manufacturing technology for the most demanding industries: we manufacture to industry standard IPC-Class 2, or as customer requirements dictate, to the strictest class IPC-3.

Process safety

With our process-driven production, we provide sustainable results and we are happy to respond to special requirements. Production audits are a part of many customers’ programs. Our production processes are, of course, regularly audited by accredited certification bodies.


Camera Technology: our Portfolio

State-of-the-art camera design for your application


Portfolio: Flexibly Adaptable Cameras




Our camera platforms 4K, Night Vision, Full HD, Streaming, Gigabit Ethernet, USB

With our multifunctional technology platforms, we can efficiently service very diverse applications. Our platforms are designed for various requirement profiles, making it easy to implement customer-specific modifications for your solution. Expansions and further development are possible as well, and at any point. Let’s talk about your projects!



Hardware Design for Application-Specific Camera Systems and Solutions.




Our core competencies for rugged design cameras

Cameras and systems for extreme environments are a major point of emphasis in Kappa’s portfolio. The role which hardware design assumes is correspondingly important. At stake is far more than just a robust housing: the entire electro-mechanical design is subjected to a hardening process as well. With all the core competencies in house, customer-specific modifications at all levels are possible with Kappa. We offer hardware development according to industry-specific standards.

Design Assurance, e.g., DO-160, DO-254 (up to DAL B), ISO 26262 (up to ASIL C)

Qualification according to DO-160, MIL-STD 461 etc.



Software Design for Camera Solutions


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Application-specific real-time signal processing

Kappa cameras offer first-class signal processing with proprietary algorithms. Modifications can be made as needed for your particular application. We offer software development according to industry-specific standards.

Design Assurance according to DO-178 (up to DAL B), AQAP 2210, ISO 26262 (up to ASIL C) etc.



Aviation & Defense Cameras and Systems

No Compromise: customer-specific camera solutions are our strength!





Vision Solutions

No Compromise: customer-specific camera solutions are our strength!


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