Year of foundation:

Maxphotonics, established in 2004 in Shenzhen-one of the most energetic and creative city in China, we are a major professional leading developer and manufacturer of the fiber laser and optical passive device, and the first and only high-tech enterprise in China to localize two core technologies and have more than ten years of experience in designing and manufacturing customized fiber lasers for major national and international projects.

Its low cost and high performance on the products have gained consistent recognition among our customers and greatly improve production efficiency and customization.

Since 2004, Maxphotonics established and applied 115 domestic and overseas patents, 16 copyrights. It has achieved domestic leading position of mass productive fiber laser source and optical device, and worldwide leading advantage of some laser device.

In 2013, Maxphotonics reached DTT top 20 enterprise in Shenzhen, and top 50 enterprise in China.

In 2014, Maxphotonics was the only invited enterprise within laser industry visited Russia together with prime minister Li Keqiang.

In 2015, Maxphotonics was authorized innovation practice base of post doctor in Shenzhen.


Technical advantage

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Leading Laser Technology          Rich Experience in R & D              Optical Passive Devices



Maxphotonics, as an outstanding representative of China’s laser, world-class laser manufacturers, the mission is using technology to benefit the public. Adhere to the technical idea that excellent create the future. Maxphotonics have been achieved fruitful results in the area of studying fiber lasers and high power optical passive device:

115 National patents

16 software copyrights

6 software registration

Grown to be the national high-tech enterprise

Selected to be one of Deloitte Shenzhen top 20s and China top 50s enterprises

Awarded the First Prize in Shenzhen and the Second Prize in China in the 2013 Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition