Year of foundation:

Shanghai Mega-9 Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is a leading technology
manufacturer in optical band pass filters and beam splitter cubes in China. Mega-9 has excellent fabricating facilities, including advanced coaters, ultrasonic cleaning line, high accuracy spectrophotometers, and super clean rooms. Mega-9 is an ISO9001:2008 approved company, especially Mega-9 is honored as “State high and new enterprise” approved by state scientific and technological commission since 2012.
Mega-9 focuses on fabricating high end optical filters, including narrow band pass filters, polarizing beam splitter cubes, non-polarizing beam splitter cubes, solar simulation filters, high temperature filters and other edge filters.
The application fields of Mega-9’s filters concern machine vision, security monitoring, face recognition, license plate recognition, distance measurement, photorejuvenation, large screen multi-touch panel, biochemical analysis, PCR fluorescence, enzyme label, astronomy observation, laser interferometer, and other optical instruments.

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