Dear Customers,


See Marketing Sales Release (MSR) and additional referenced files for your review.  As detailed in the MSR notice:


  • Effective 05/16/2016 = DynamicSignals will introduce the new Octave Express PCIe Digitizer model series.  See Octave Express product data sheet for complete details.


  • Effective 05/16/2016 = Octopus Express, Oscar Express, and Razor Express model series will all feature increased standard onboard memory sizes and will all feature reduced sale pricing.  See new Octopus Express, Oscar Express, and Razor Express product data sheets for complete details.


  • Effective Immediately = With the introduction of the new Octave Express series and the updated Octopus/Oscar/Razor Express Digitizer series with reduced pricing, we are streamlining our GaGe PCIe digitizer product portfolio by discontinuing redundant PCIe digitizer models.  See GaGe Discontinued PCIe Digitizer Models document that identifies the models that are being effectively discontinued along with the current recommended replacement PCIe digitizer model.



The new GaGe Octave Express and updated GaGe Octopus/Oscar/Razor Express Digitizer Series Models will be featured shortly in upcoming Data Acquisition Newsletter release.


Please notify us if there are questions and/or if we can provide any further assistance in new GaGe models.