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Nalux Co., Ltd. engages in the design and production of plastic and glass optics parts and modules.

The company offers microlens arrays that are used in optical communications, displays, head up displays, astronomical telescopes, and other optical systems;

aspherical lenses, which are used in optical fiber coupling optics, optical pickups optics, and more;

and cylindrical lens array that are used in optical communication, imaging, semiconductor laser beam collimation, and more.

It also provides free-form surface prisms that are used in digital cameras, head mounted displays, face mounted displays, and more;

diffraction optical elements for diffraction grating, optical pickup optics, and more;

free-form surface lenses and fθ lenses that are used in free-form lens, free-form mirrors, laser beam printer optics, and more;

and lens units for use in cellular phone cameras, car-mounted cameras, monitoring and security cameras, rear view cameras, and more.

In addition, the company offers LED illumination lenses that are used in LED light bulbs, LED backlights, and other optics;

free-form surface mirrors for head up displays and LED headlights; beam twister lens units, FAC, SAC, BT, and FOC lenses for high power fiber laser equipment;

glass microstructure optics that are used in high-power laser optics, optical pickup systems, and more;

and sub-micron 3D structure optics for use in polarizing beam splitters, wavelength split filters, and antireflection;

and high-efficiency diffractive optics for high-NA lens.

Further, it provides beam shaping lens that are used in optical pickup systems, laser optical system, and more;

reflective infrared lens units;

high density polyethylene lens;

concave grating lens;

random pitch microlens arrays;

ultra-thin double-sided microlens arrays;

random anti-reflective structure optics;

and lens for UV range.

Nalux Co., Ltd. was founded in 1909 and is based in Osaka, Japan.

It has additional offices in Huntsville, Alabama; and Changzhou, China.


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Ultraprecision molding                                                    Ultraprecision processing


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Molding Various lenses Development                          Fully integrated production system


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Thin-film technology and product                                    Free-form surface lens fθ lens