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NPI Lasers is an award-winning High-tech Enterprise specializing in the R&D and production of advanced fiber lasers for industrial precision processing and intelligent sensing.

Since 2013, NPI Lasers has built a first-class team and R&D facilities, and has developed key technologies necessary for the design and production of ultra-short pulsed lasers. The company has also established profound advantages in core ultrafast laser components and system diagnosis technologies. Our technical team, including 6 PhDs, covers broad range of R&D areas such as femtosecond micromachining, high-power amplification, wavelength conversion. The R&D team has a combined professional experience of more than 60 years, published >150 research papers, and has >40 pending/authorized patents.

The key product range includes the award-winning Rainbow series ultrafast fiber lasers, which covers the full spectral range from visible, near-infrared to mid-infrared, yet offers unrivaled cost-effectiveness and reliability. The underlying component technology was awarded “China’s Top 10 Breakthroughs in Optics” in 2017. The performance of the Rainbow series has won the company good reputation among domestic customers in the fields of ultrafast fiber-optics, materials science and bio-photonics. The OPPO series can provide broadband tuning across 800-4200 nm. While it offers capabilities similar to conventional OPOs, both the costs and footprint are dramatically reduced, filling an important gap for the widespread use of ultrafast sources in both research labs and corporate R&D settings. In 2017, NPI Lasers began the production of industrial-grade ultrafast lasers as a move to meet the fast growing market in China. A new production facility, based in the city of Xuzhou, is set up with the aim to scale up our mass-production capacities.

To provide customers with trustworthy products and services is the ultimate commitment of NPI Lasers. We are willing to be the most reliable partner for our industrial and scientific customers and collaborators, both in China and around the world, to create value and prosperity together in the exciting ultrafast laser era.


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