· Description

The Daheng optical film center, directly under the Department of listed group companies Daheng Technology (stock code:  600288)  Division. The Daheng OTF has been established since 1999, has been committed to the optical components and     optoelectronic  pro-duct development, production and sales of products are widely used in laser protection, detection sensors, biomedical,  environment-al analysis, video, optical, fiber-optic communications , education, research and other fields; and many companies with Asia, Europe and North America long-term close business cooperation, production and supply capacity and technical level to always stay ahead in the optical film industry has been one of the largest manufacturers of the domestic industry production scale. The Daheng film always adhere to the employment strategy
· Staffing
The Daheng film on the employment strategy to always adhere to “one, two, three ” principle to ensure that the pass rate of the advanced nature of the coating technology and product quality.
One  refers to all primary operators with middle and higher education;
Two Refers to the company all the important positions, the key link with specialist and higher education, while giving priority to hiring high popularity with relevant professional backgrounds, to achieve academic and professional fit;
Three refers in particular the formation of a high level of technical team, hired well-known domestic and foreign experts to form a consultancy, with particular attention to the cultivation of talents and exceptional promotion.
· Culture and welfare
The Daheng OTF “the principle of” customer first “, while emphasizing on the basis of external customer satisfaction is always concerned about the employees’ internal customer satisfaction. In addition to the payment of six insurance companies also provide employees with diversification monthly salary, New Year bonus, seniority bonuses for perfect attendance, a variety of grants, subsidies and other hard salary plus paid annual leave, files, and party organization relations managed (foreign household registration can also be transferred to ), job classification (Daheng Group, the Chinese Academy of talent, “dual-option), regular full travel and medical examination, group sports activities, from time to time within the external training and exchange soft welfare. Enrich the employees’ cultural life, to facilitate the employees to understand information, the company specially founded within the enterprise, to encourage employees to contribution of, and striving to corporate ownership