Year of foundation:

Company / Technology:

QUBIG GmbH is a technology company specialising in the development and manufacture of high quality light modulators. These high-tech devices are mainly installed as additional modules in larger laser systems, with the aim of controlling and precisely manipulating the properties of laser light, such as frequency, phase, polarisation, intensity or position.  Our products cover a broad range in terms of modulation frequency (DC/HV – 15 GHz), wavelength UV – LWIR and optical power (single photons – high power).

The company combines unique expertise in the areas of laser technology, crystal optics, high-frequency/high-voltage technology and electronics.


Markets / Applications:

The high quality and broad parameter ranges of our products means they are very versatile and useful for a broad range of applications. Such applications include fundamental research (atomic/quantum physics), industry (laser material processing), military, astronomy (laser guide stars) and biology (LifeScience Microscopy).

QUBIG manages the entire development of its products, from simulation and prototyping to manufacturing and sales. A direct sale approach and a network of local distributors allows us to serve clients on a global scale with more than 150 customers from 35 different countries so far.



Innovations / Inventiveness:

The company has a very high level of innovation, which derives from its close cooperation with many well-known research institutes from around the world.

QUBIG is constantly investing in the research and development of new high-quality products, which will empower its clients to realise the full potential of their laser technologies. To achieve this, QUBIG offers both standard products and tailor-made devices, all of which are specifically configured by a team of experts to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

Over the years, QUBIG has been the recipient of research and industry grants issued by the German Government and the European Union.


History / Founding:

QUBIG GmbH was established in 2008 from academic research and we maintain close contact with various research groups around the world, especially in the field of ultra-cold quantum gases (AMOP) and trapped ions.

Location / Facilities:

QUBIG GmbH boasts modern facilities in central Munich (300 m2). The company has an in-house workshop with precision machinery (e.g. CNC milling machine) for rapid high-quality prototyping. We also have fully equipped laser laboratories with various test equipment for high-frequency / high-voltage measurements (VNAs / 20GHz, Spectrum analyser, GHz Oscilloscopes etc.).