Year of foundation:

Laserconn is an advanced high power diode laser & DPSS laser manufacturer from Beijing, China since 2007. With the next generation laser diode technology, we are always challenging the ultimate reliability & longest life time for the laser diode. We are the only company in the world that can deliver more than 30 years MTTF life span at 20Hz pulsing, which is over 10 times longer than German products.

Laserconn is now providing the most reliable & robust high power diode lasers & DPSS lasers for industrial, medical, aesthetic, and laboratory applications These products come with longest life time all over the world.

Laserconn has a 600M2 R&D center in Beijing and a 1200M2 mordern manufacture facility with more than 60 employees. Laserconn is capable of GaAs wafer processing, coating & sputtering, laser diode packaging, fine machining, laser diode driver designs and software designs.

Laserconn is able to provide you full solutions for your specific applications.

Laserconn is a Venture Capital invested company by Highlight Capital and Cathay Capital PE.



Laserconn has been dedicated to deliver the highest reliability for the high power laser diodes. Ten years ago, the founders of the company have already observed the high defect rate and low damage threshold for the high power laser diode. It was very sensitive, very risky, and very costly for the end users. There are so many reliability problems for the traditional laser diodes:

1) The CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) problem between the GaAs material and heatsinks (or submounts).
2) The corrosion problem (electrical etching) from the micro-channel cooler.
3) The heatstress problem of the solder and GaAs chips during hard-switching.
4) The low COD (catastrophic optical damage) damage threshold for the laser diode bars.
5) The heatsinking problem for the laser diode bars.

All these factors above caused a very unstable performance for the laser diode. The average life time of the laser diode bar is limited at 10~20K hours in CW mode, or 2G shots in QCW (short pulsed) mode. The laser bar’s life time is qualified for CW operation, but the QCW (short pulsed) laser diode bars have never been used for industrial applications in volume due to the life time problem. Till now, there are still up to millions of laser diode bars got burnt every year, just like the halogen bulbs. This situation terribly delayed the high power laser diode becoming a mature industry.

But now, with Laserconn’s next generation laser diode, this situation changes. No more laesr diode burns since Laserconn. The typical advantages include:

1) Extremely long life time, which is 20~50G shots in pulsed mode.
2) Very high temperature operation, which is up to 85°C or 185°F.
3) Flexible working mode. One single laser diode chip can work in all conditions: CW, long pulsed (ms) and short pulsed (us).
4) Very high damage threshold in harsh conditions. No optical damage even with current inrush. Only thermal limit.
5) None-micro-channel packaging. No de-ionized water, and coolant maintenance free.

Especially in pulsed mode, Laserconn has demonstrated the laser diode with MTTF more than 13K hours at 1KHz operation (50G shots). This is the word’s record till now. The traditional laser bar can survive no more than 600 hours (2G shots). This means Laserconn’s pulsed laser diode is now avaiable for industrial applications.