Year of foundation:

Sanying Motioncontrol Instruments Ltd. is a professional manufacturer. We specializes in the development of precision motion control technology and relative products, we dedicated to scientific research, innovation, research and development and manufacture of high-end instruments and equipment to provide technical solutions and integration in the system, wo do our best to meet the markets’ demands for ultra-precision motion control technologies .


Sanying Motioncontrol Instruments Ltd. is under the leadership of Dr Xu Ying ,the world-famous nano motion control expert, the specially-invited expert of the national Thousands of People Plan and the responsible person for the key national scientific instrument project of under the 12th Five Year Plan and guided by the principle of “high-end innovation, lean manufacturing” and the objective of “creating the international brand of China’s high-end manufacturing”, we commit to filling up the technological gap in China and breaking down the western countries’ technical barrier to China, in an effort to provide key technology and lay a solid foundation for the industrial upgrading and transformation of China’ s equipment manufacturing industry and to contribute to “Chinese manufacturing 2025”.


Sanying Motioncontrol Instruments Ltd.boasts internationally advanced technology and experience as well as proprietary intellectual property rights. As our core technology integrates precision sensing, precision drive, precision machinery, precision control, precision integration and technologies of other fields, now our overall technical indicators have come up to the international advanced level. Presently our products extend to cover long-travel high-precision motion platforms, nanometer and sub-nanometer motion control platforms, the integration systems on precision motion control and other product series.