Year of foundation:

The mother company of S&B Hungary is S&B Germany which can be found in Biebertal (Germany, Hessen). The companies have the same CEO: Mr Karlheinz Gerlach

We focus on industrial partnerships and long-term business relationships based on trust, guidance and quality. We work with our customers on solutions that result in competitive products. 


Product Ranges:

S&B Hungary produces and supply a wide range of precision optics out of glass; crystals; fused silica; filter glasses; glassceramics

S&B Hungary has it’s own coating chambers which allows to do our coatings ourselves and we can also supply customers with custom specified coatings.

S&B Hungary also supply custom specified fiber optic components, mainly to the medicine technology- 


Fields of activity:

Production of custom made optical elements and assemblies.


Competitive Edge:

Fast reliable service with competitive prices but very good quality from prototyping until mid-range production

As a country in Middle Eastern Europe we do have the price advantages regarding our competitors in western European countries but Hungary still has its traditional know-how in optics and its commitment to quality. We are an inexpensive supplier for components and assemblies. Due to our clean structure and the direct contact of production and quality assurance, we achieve significant benefits in terms of price, efficiency and short delivery times.