Year of foundation:

Shanghai HXF-LaiYi precision optics Co.,Ltd. is a leader of precision optics original manufacturer. Engaged in the worldwide photonics industry so many years, we are proud to bring our customers the values as:perfect quality control and impeccable customer service,competitive pricing. Our objective is”Goodwill as basis, Quality as priority, Service as superiority, until Perfecion”.

These products can be provided simply or assembled with systems: lens(aspheric, spheric, molded, achromatic,cylindric, ball, hemisphere, tambour, sapphire, etc), prisms nonpolarizing(right angle, dove, roof, pentagone, cross, etc.), filters(colored glass, interference), mirrors, windows(UV, Visible, IR),  coating(AR, abrasion resistant),  reticles ultraprecision, refilescopes(red dot, night vision, etc.), mechanical parts, beamsplitters, beam expander, F-theta lens, laser machines.

We possess more than 1000 sets of various equipments which include casting, forging, stamping, injection molding, heat treatment, machining, cold optical treatment, special technology, surface finishing, electronics and environment-test machines. With our various capabilities, we provide the precision optics in UV/VIS/IR spectrums.

Our social culture is”Honesty as basis, Quality as priority, Service as superiority, until Perfecion”. Care the customer is our daily job. Our factory is certified by ISO9001-2008. A report of conformance is issued with every delivery. Short reponse and lead time is our superiority.

We are seeking to leave a low carbon footprint.Preserve the ecological environment and maintain a sustainable development are our social responsability. Like the slogan of Expo 2010 at Shanghai, “Better City, Better Life” is our final goal.