Year of foundation:

In 2004, Weipu Electric & Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai, focusing on the R&D and
application of power electronics and automation technology . The main products are used in communications, railway signals and semiconductor lasers.
In recent years, the research and development of fully digital power supply has been carried out, and a variety of digital products such as wind power and solar power have been introduced to the market.
The company’s future power electronics projects will shift more to the direction of full digital control.

  As a technology-based enterprise, the company focuses on the protection and accumulation of intellectual property rights. Since its first patent in 2005
, it has accumulated a number of patents and software copyrights, and has successfully obtained the support of the government innovation fund.

  In terms of green energy, which is widely concerned by the market, many new researches have been carried out on solar energy and wind energy utilization. Grid
– connected solar micro-inverters and other projects will be the company’s key development projects in the future.

Today, we sow together, and tomorrow will be harvested.