Year of foundation:

Yunnan KIRO-CH photonics co. ltd. was established in 2011 which is engaged in the research and development , manufacture as well as selling of optical products based on its germanium material , optical manufacture and system integration advantages with the combination of three core technologies which are germanium material, infrared optics as well as low light level and visible light optics in order to develop photonics material ,  instruments and opto-electronics . It has accomplished the research and development , material production and optical manufacture as well as components , system integration so to reach the final stage of a complete production line . Yunnan KIRO-CH photonics co. ltd. Is the primary global supplier of infrared optical material , infrared optical products and low light level night vision products .The material includes : GeCl4 for fiber optical , high purity GeO2 (6N) , zone-refined germanium , germanium single crystal , germanium wafer . The annual production are 30 tons of  germanium  and 5 tons of silicon single crystal . There are about 600 employees in the company with three production bases : Yunnan Qujing opto-electronic material base, Kunming Haikou low light and visible light optical process base , Kunming infrared optical research & development and manufacture base which was registered in Qujing , the headquater is at 5, Hongwai Road , economic and technological development zone Kunming. We have 75 years of history on visible light process technology , 45 years of history on infrared optical process technology , 50 years of germanium manufacturing technology with excellent talents , workmanship , managing experience and enterprise culture .

Optical components : all kinds of infrared optical material , spherical surface and aspherical surface of visible light glass material , binary diffractive surface , high precision optical process of curved surface and coating , high precision prism ,reflective lens with a processing capability of 200,000 pieces of aspherical surface .

Optical lens : whole series of infrared optical lens which includes all kinds of zoom lens , arthermalized lens , super large focal length lens , wide FOV lens , all kinds of standard infrared lens as well as high performance eye piece .

Opto-electronic instruments : infrared microscope , infrared thermal imager , OLED displayer module with eye piece , infrared parallel light tube , infrared radioactivity meter , all kinds of visible light telescope .

Yunnan KIRO-CH photonics co. ltd. Will set foot on the photonics industry , take advantage of opto-electronic material resource in Yunnan , to establish system integration of opto-electronic industry , to be the long and famous enterprise in opto-electronic industry through insisting on an international and professional way and develop itself stronger and bigger.